Saturday, April 28, 2012

Giants/Grizzlies moves for April 28

As expected, Eric Hacker was optioned back down to Fresno. The Giants recalled reliever Steve Edlefsen, who spent a cup of coffee with them in 2011. According to, Edlefsen will wear #65

Meanwhile, the swap is same for the Grizzlies: Hacker for Edlefsen. Dan Otero, who was optioned Friday to make room initially for Hacker, has to spend a minimum of 10 days, meaning he won't be eligible to reutn until May 7 or 8.

The Grizzlies also announced Friday that Hector Correa was activated from the DL and sent to A+ San Jose. Also, P Craig Whittaker was also activated from the inactive list and also sent to San Jose. However, he signed autographs at a team function on Saturday afternoon in Fresno.

The newest Grizzlies- Juan Ciriaco and Dan Otero- will wear 13 (vacated by the called up Joaquin Arias) and 38 respectively. I'll assume Hacker will take back his Grizzlies #21. He wore #51 Friday night (despite  having his uni # as 19).

Friday, April 27, 2012

Giants, Grizzlies Moves

The Giants made it official: P Eric Hacker's contract was purchased from Fresno. To clear room, for the 40-man, Brian Wilson was transferred to the 60-day DL. For the 25-man roster, P Dan Otero was optioned to Fresno.

For the Grizzlies, Otero swaps places on the roster with Hacker. Also, INF Juan Ciriaco joins the team, up from San Jose. He takes the place of Alex Arias, whose contract was purchased on Wednesday (Fresno played short-handed Thursday night).

Ciriaco began pro ball in 2003 as a non-drafted free agent, signing with San Diego. The Giants took him in the Rule 5 draft before the 2008 season (December 6, 2007). He played for Fresno for parts of the 2009 and 2010 seasons. He played last year with A+ San Jose, where he remained this season.

Ciriaco has not played thus far in 2012, just returning from the disabled list.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Arias up, Hacker likely; no new Grizzlies yet

In addition to Joaquin Arias joining the Giants (and wearing #13), Eric Hacker by all accounts (and as predicted by me on Monday) will officially join the team on Friday to make the start.

The Giants will need to clear a spot on the 40-man for Hacker. They can do so by switching Brian Wilson from the 15-day DL to the 60-day DL. Players on the 60-day are exempt from the 40-man roster.

Thus, if the Giants add anyone past Hacker to the 40-man, who would be the next to be removed? My prediction: INF Conor Gillaspie. Although he is hitting .329 for Fresno this year, he is in his (rare) fourth year on the 40-man, with one last season with options. But he is this year's version of Matt Downs or Ryan Rohlinger: good to have as a backup, but expendable. Especially more-so that Joaquin Arias has seemingly passed him by on the depth charts.

By the way, the Grizzlies have not added anyone new to their roster to replace Arias. They will have another vacant slot officially when Hacker leaves.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Arias to Replace Huff

According to the SF Chronicle's Henry Schulman, the Giants will purchase the contract of INF Joaquin Arias from Fresno to replace Aubrey Huff.

The Grizzlies have Wednesday off, to return home Thursday vs. Colorado Springs. They will make their roster move to replace Arias then.

The Giants are now at the full 40-man roster with Arias joining the team. They still have one spot to play with if/when they transfer Brian Wilson to the 60-day DL.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Friday's starter?

Because of Sunday's rain out, the Giants will need a new starting pitcher if they want to keep their regular five on four-days rest.

Suggestion: Eric Hacker, who pitched Sunday for Fresno. Hacker, who pitched three games for Pittsburgh in 2009 and 2 last season for Minnesota (no decisions nor saves each time), has won all four of his starts for Fresno in 2012, with a 2.19 ERA and 1.05 WHIP.

Hacker is not on the 40-man roster, but no worries. The Giants are using only 39 spots currently, with one extra spot possible if Brian Wilson is transferred to the 60-day DL. [Spots 40* has been vacant since Angel Villalona was moved to the restricted list and Mike Fontenot released prior to Opening Day].

As far as clearing a spot on the 25-man roster, the Giants could send down another pitcher (Dan Otero is the only one with options available) or a player. Brandon Belt and Brett Pill both have options available. There is also the possibility of releasing a veteran player (Huff, Theriot) to clear a spot.

Keep in mind, any player optioned down has to spend 10 days in the minors (unless they return to the 25-man to replace an injured player). If I were the GM, my moves:

1- purchase contract of Hacker
2- a) send down Pill or Belt for the 10-day minimum OR b) release Huff or Theriot
3- After Hacker's start, option him down and
a) recall Conor Gillaspie for another backup infielder
b) purchase contract of Joaquin Arias for another backup infielder
c) recall OF Roger Kieschnick, who is off to a hot start
d) purchase contract of Jason Christian, who is also hot
e) if 2a is the choice, swap Pill or Belt for one of the above four after ten days

* On the Giants official website, only 38 men are listed on the 40-man. They are leaving out INF Ehire Adrianza, unless he was secretly removed.

Freddy Sanchez in Rehab

The SF Chronicle reports that Freddy Sanchez will start his MLB rehab assignment in A San Jose. There has been no official word, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him Fresno as well.

What happens when Sanchez is ready to re-join the Giants? The two middle infielders, Emmanuel Burris and Ryan Theriot, would be options on the cutting block.

Burris does not have any options remaining to be sent to the minors (technically Theriot does, but since he has 5+ years experience, he can refuse and become a free agent). Brett Pill and/or Brandon Belt could also be choices as well.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Giants transaction

Today, the Giants made the expected move, placing Brian Wilson on the DL while activating Ryan Vogelsong.

The Giants are only using 38 spots on their 40 man roster. If Wilson goes on the 60-day DL, that creates one more opening.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Grizzlies transactons- Graham on DL; Bond off

Fresno placed OF Tyler Graham on the 7-day DL last night and activated INF Brock Bond from the DL.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MLB Fashion Update April 10

Tue., April 10
TB (gray, blue)                                                   Det (white, blue)
NYY (gray, blue)                                                Bal (white, tri-color)
Bos (w, blue)                                                     Tor (white, blue)
Sea (gray, blue)                                                Tex (red, red)
KC (gray, blue)                                                  Oak (green, green/gold)
Was (gray, blue/red)                                      NYM (pinstripe, blue)
StL (gray, blue)                                                  Cin (white, red)
Atl (gray, blue)                                                  Hou (“Colt .45” white, blue)
Mil (blue, blue)                                                 ChiN (pinstripe, blue)
Pit (gray, black)                                                 LAD (white, blue)
Ari (gray, gred)                                                  SD (white, blue)
ChiA-Cle postponed; off: SF, Col, Mia, Phi, LAA, Min

Any corrections, comments, e-mail me at

Monday, April 9, 2012

Grizzlies activate Whiteside

The Grizzlies today activated C Eli Whiteside from the inactive list to the active roster. C Tyler LaTorre was sent to "extended spring training" to clear a spot. Whiteside was optioned by the Giants right before the season started. He may be recalled (after a 10 day waiting period unless replacing an injured player) by the big club at any time this year.

MLB Fashion Update- April 9

Thanks for the mention in Uni Watch. Thanks for all the e-mails. Please send me thoughts, corrections, etc. at

For today's games:
team (jersey color, hat color)

Mon., April 9
Mia (black, black)                                             Phi (alt. white, blue/red)
SF (gray, black)                                                  Col (purple, black)
Mil (gray, blue)                                                 ChiN (pinstripe, blue)
StL (gray, blue)                                                  Cin (white, red)
Atl (blue, blue)                                                  Hou (pinstripe, blue)
Was (gray, blue/red)                                      NYM (pinstripe, blue)
ChiA (gray, black)                                             Cle (white, blue/red)
Bos (white, blue)                                                     Tor (white, blue)
NYY (gray, blue)                                                Bal (white, tri-color)
LAA (gray, red)                                                  Min (pinstripe, blue)
Sea (gray, blue)                                                Tex (white, blue)
KC (gray, blue)                                                  Oak (green, green/gold)

Note: Cleveland wearing it's regular uniform, which I guess makes the red unis worn the first three games their alt. whites...I am guessing Atlanta's color is a deep blue, hard to tell in pix and on TV if is blue or black. If I'm wrong, let me know... 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

MLB fashion update- April 8

MLB...what they wore

I will try to keep a chart of the uniform combos each team wears for each game.

They are listed by date. The two items represent the jersey top, then the hat color. Pants are usually white or gray, except noted.

Please give me feedback if this format is readable at

Road (jersey color, hat color/bill color if different)                                                                     Home              Note
(pant color will be white for home or gray for road unless noted)

Teams with different helmet/hat combos:
Cle (helmet- blue/red)                                  Hou (helmet- blue/blue)
Col (helmet- black/black)                             Min (helmet- blue/blue)                                     

March 28
Sea (gray, blue)                                                Oak (white, green/gold)                     Tokyo, JAPAN

March 29
Sea (gray, blue)                                                Oak (white, green/gold)                     Tokyo, JAPAN

Wed., April 4
StL (gray, blue)                                                  Mia (white, black)

Thur., April 5
Tor (gray, blue)                                                 Cle (white, red)
Bos (gray, blue)                                                Det (white, blue)
Was (gray, blue/red)                                      ChiC (white, blue)
Phi (gray, red)                                                   Pit (white, black)
Atl (blue, blue)                                                  NYM (pinstripe white, blue)
Mia (black, black)                                             Cin (white, red)
LA (gray, blue)                                                   SD (white, blue)

Fri., April 6
NYY (gray, blue)                                                TB (white, blue)
KC (gray, blue)                                                  LAA (white, red)
ChiA (gray, black)                                             Tex (white, blue)
Min (gray, blue/red)                                       Bal (white, tri-color)
SF (gray, black)                                                  Ari (white, red)
LAD (gray, blue)                                                SD (white, blue)
StL (gray, blue)                                                  Mil (white, blue)
Col (gray, black/purple)                                 Hou (white pinstripe, blue)

Sat., April 7
Bos (gray, blue)                                                Det (white, blue)
KC (blue, blue)                                                  LAA (white, red)
NYY (gray, blue)                                                TB (white, blue)
ChiA (gray, black)                                             Tex (white, red)
Tor (blue, blue)                                                 Cle (white, red)
Min (blue, blue/red)                                      Bal (orange, tri-color)
Sea (blue, blue)                                                Oak (white, green/gold)
Col (gray, black/purple)                                 Hou (white, red)
Phi (gray, red)                                                   Pit (white, black)
Was (red, blue/red)                                        Chi (white, blue)
SF (gray, black)                                                  Ari (black, black)
StL (gray, blue)                                                  Mil (blue, blue)
Atl (blue, blue)                                                  NYM (white, blue)
Mia (black, black)                                             Cin (white, red)
LAD (gray, blue)                                                SD (blue, blue)                                        SD- “SD” uniforms

Sun., April 8
Min (gray, blue/red)                                       Bal (white, tri-color)
NYY (gray, blue)                                                TB (light blue, blue)
Bos (gray, blue)                                                Det (white, blue)
Tor (blue, blue)                                                 Cle (white, red)
KC (blue, blue)                                                  LAA (white, red)
ChiW (gray, black)                                            Tex (blue, blue)
Mia (black, black)                                             Cin (red, red)
Was (red, blue/red)                                        ChiN (white, blue)
LAD (gray, blue)                                                SD (camo, green)
Col (gray, black/purple)                                 Hou (red, blue)
StL (gray, blue)                                                  Mil (blue, blue)
SF (alt. gray, black/orange)                          Ari (red, red)
Atl (gray, blue)                                                  NYM (white, blue)
Phi (gray, red)                                                   Pit (white, black)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

2012 Grizzlies Opening Day Roster

The roster was officially released at 11:15a PT on opening day. Here it is:

(likely starters)
Brian Burres
Eric Hacker
*Andrew Kown
*Shane Loux
*Matt Yourkin
*Ryan Vogelsong (MLB rehab, does not count against 25-man limit)

(likely bullpen)
George Kontos
Travis Blackley
*Steve Edlefsen
Heath Hembree
Mitch Lively
*Jean Machi
Yusmeiro Petit
*Wilmin Rodriguez

*Tyler LaTorre
*Jackson Williams

Joaquin Arias
Charlie Culbertson
*Conor Gilaspie
*Nick Noonan
Skyler Stromsmoe

*Justin Christian
*Tyler Graham
Roger Kieschnick
Todd Linden
Francisco Peguero

P Hector Correa
*Inf Brock Bond

* played for 2011 Grizzlies
italics on 40-man roster

Notes: C Eli Whiteside has until Saturday to report to the team after being optioned by the Giants on Wednesday.... P Craig Whitaker is also on the roster, but inactive... Yes, it's that Todd Linden, rejoining the Giants organization and the Grizzlies... Vogelsong is scheduled to make two Triple A starts, both on the road and rejoin the Giants before Fresno's home opener on April 13... Eric Hacker rejoins the Giants organization after playing here in 2010...

Coming soon...uniform numbers and number of options remaining...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Correction on Whiteside/Stewart option status

I need to make a correction from a prior article regarding the remaining options of Eli Whiteside and the now-departed Chris Stewart.

Whiteside does have an option remaining. His first two options were used in 2005 and 2006 with Baltimore. Whiteside does (did) have to clear revocable waivers because he is more than three years removed from his major league debut.

Stewart used his options in 2006 (with Chicago White Sox), 2007 with Texas and 2008 with the Yankees.

Giants roster set...Grizzlies waiting...

The Giants announced their roster before the final exhibition game vs. Oakland...

Tim Lincecum
Madison Bumgarner
Matt Cain
Barry Zito

Clay Hensley
Santiago Casilla
Guillermo Mota
Dan Otero
Sergio Romo
Javier Lopez
Jeremy Affeldt
Brian Wilson

Buster Posey
Hector Sanchez

Brett Pill (1B)
Brandon Belt (1B)
Emmanuel Burris (2B)
Brandon Crawford (SS)
Pablo Sandoval (3B)
Ryan Theriot

Aubrey Huff (LF)
Melky Cabrera (CF)
Angel Pagan (RF)
Nate Scheirholtz
Gregor Blanco

Ryan Vogelsong (P)
Dan Runzler (P)
Eric Surkamp (P)
Freddy Sanchez (2B)

NOTES: Giants will go with four starters, eight relievers until Vogelsong is ready. He will make his first two starts in rehab for Fresno... Dan Otero makes it in the bullpen as a rookie... Hector Sanchez wins the backup role... Eli Whiteside was optioned to Fresno and Chris Stewart traded to the Yankees...

As for the Grizzlies, no official roster has been released yet, although the names are probably known since they have to board a flight to Tucson for Thursday's opener. Here is who we know because they were optioned by the big club or reported on the Triple A transaction wire:

P Steve Edlefsen
P Hector Correa
P Ari Ronick
C Eli Whiteside
INF Conor Gillaspie
INF Ehire AdrianazaINF Charlie Culbertson
OF Francisco Peguero
OF Tyler Graham
OF Roger Kieschnick

Ryan Vogelsong will pitch with the team on rehab. By no means, is this a final (or even accurate) list until the team releases the info, which as of Wed. night, they haven't.

BTW...former Giant/Grizzly Travis Ishikawa made the roster of the Milwaukee Brewers...